Offerings & Method

What sets us apart? Your Fractal Ambassador™ – embedded senior management for businesses and units that don’t need it in house and full-time.
Through the on boarding of one of the core or custom offerings we work with you to get your business to the centre of its domain.

Core Packages

Offerings include a combination of digital marketing best practices, in person & event time with your FA, and ongoing support. Designed to get your business to the centre of the conversations with the most impact for your audience.


Support & Execution


Getting there?
Get there.

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Strategy & Execution


Near the next phase?
Reach it.

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Existing Business Units



Sustainable growth?
Achieve it.

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Custom Packages

There are additional packages for specified needs (e.g. a product launch), or the opportunity to have a custom package built uniquely for you.

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Here is where the research and discovery happens. We analyze your business and your marketing landscape. We look at available analytics and reports, discover patterns of growth, unearth new opportunities, and zero in on your target audiences.


Then we take that information and turn it into an actionable strategy. Our method is designed to bring your business to the centre of the conversations that matter most to it. We define the best course of action to put you at the centre of your domain in the digital arena.


Now – it’s game time. Once we’ve defined the pattern of initiatives that are best suited to putting you at the centre of your domain, your Fractal Ambassador™ puts it to action. Your FA does this by optimizing your existing resources and employing our pool of experts.


We believe in maximizing what we do best, and for the rest we have our partners. Need design, large creative assets, web and app development, or otherwise? We’ll help you manage these through the onboarding of a partner. This enables strategies that are cohesive across your entire digital business.